Why GPU for Accelerated Computing

29 November 2023


Before delving into why GPUs are crucial for accelerated computing, let’s grasp how a CPU (Central Processing Unit) operates.


A CPU serves as a computer’s brain, executing instructions through arithmetic and logical operations while coordinating tasks. Its data processing involves ingesting, storing, and eventually processing data to yield results—data in, information out. However, this process employs serial processing, handling data sequentially. This approach becomes inefficient when dealing with extensive datasets, consuming considerable time.


Modern CPUs feature multiple high-performance cores for multicore processing, enabling parallel processing to enhance efficiency as these cores independently handle data. Yet, due to the CPU’s original design limitations in performing parallel activities, scaling becomes challenging, often bottlenecked by memory bandwidth. This limitation makes larger datasets problematic for CPU processing.


This is where GPUs come into play. A GPU is specialized hardware tailored for specific types of calculations. Unlike CPUs, GPUs excel at executing a few simple operations rapidly. Comprising thousands of lightweight cores, GPUs conduct parallel processing, allowing them to swiftly process large datasets compared to CPUs.

Source: MCADCafe Editorial

However, the emergence of GPUs doesn’t signify the replacement of CPUs. CPUs remain essential for handling complex processing instructions that GPUs may not manage.


Returning to the significance of GPUs in accelerated computing, the escalating volume of data at a rapid pace surpasses the processing speed of CPUs, leading to potential errors. GPUs address this by rapidly and accurately processing data through their parallel processing architecture. Leveraging GPU architecture offloads demanding tasks that could otherwise impede CPU performance, enabling CPUs to focus on intricate computing duties.


Source: Data Age 2025, IDC Global DataSphere, Nov 2018

Data has become pivotal for businesses and organizations. Swift and accurate data processing empowers businesses to stay ahead in the competitive landscape and gain comprehensive market insights.


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