Intro to AI

8 November 2023

intro to ai

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning. All working hand in hand, part of a new era in technology to aid and assist many industries such as Automotive, Medical, Retail etc. AI is using any technique that allows computers to mimic human behavior in solving tasks by allowing the computer to learn, analyze then predict the outcome.

realm of ai

Source: Nvidia

Why AI you may ask. Business and organizations can gain valuable competitive edge via gathering data and analyzing them to transform into valuable insights to their market. By leveraging on AI industries can gain the surge in gaining that competitive edge as not only it gives valuable insights into their own business industry, it also enables them to gain insights into the market competition and business environment.

“The world’s largest industries run algorithms written by Machine Learning on a sea of servers to sense complex patterns in their market and environment, and make fast, accurate predictions that directly impact their bottom line.”


Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia

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Source: Nvidia

Training an AI model to inference from live incoming data is not a straight forward process. Data scientist often faced pain points that comes with CPU based workflows which can be solved with GPU accelerated workflows. Model training is the most compute intensive phase in the typical AI workflow. Time and cost are a concern when it comes to AI workflows.


CPUs are not suitable to for big data computing as tasks are processed in serial, whereas GPUs like Nvidia’s H100, it solves the bottlenecks of the CPU by handling tasks in parallel. It can significantly speed up the computations and reduce training times.


GPUs also typically have more memory bandwidth than CPUs, which are beneficial for tasks that require large data processing. But the investment of a GPU can be more expensive in comparison to a CPU.


Source: Nvidia

We at Aperia Cloud Services (ACS) understand that this is a concern in the market. We are able offer our clients the access to the GPU power over the cloud without incurring the initial capital investment. Not only organisations get to save on the capital expenditure, they also have the competitive edge with the new era of technology at their fingertips.

Source: ACS

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