GPU Boosted, Cloud Hosted

Pioneering the realm of cloud solutions, we present vast GPU capacities seamlessly integrated with the industry’s fastest and most versatile framework. Our forte is in crafting an avant-garde AI computation platform tailored for advanced cloud services.

cloud service

HGX H100

GPU Boosted with HGX H100 hosted in Cloud


Aperia Cloud Services is the first provider in Southeast Asia offering NVIDIA HGX H100 Tensor Core GPUs available on-demand in a public cloud.

AI Empowered


Artificial Intelligence Data Center as a Service (AIDCaaS)

An integrated platform where not only is the physical infrastructure managed, but there’s also a suite of AI tools, platforms, and APIs available for clients to use in a seamless, integrated environment.



Cost Efficiency

Start with a low upfront investment and enjoy our promise of reduced operational costs. With ACS, your investment goes further, leveraging increased opportunity costs.


Dedicated Support

We tailor our services to your unique needs. With dedicated commercial and technical support, we craft customised solutions aligned to your evolving priorities. Our commitment is delivering bespoke guidance for your success.

risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Beyond affordability, choose ACS for strategic, cost-effective solutions. We prioritize network and cybersecurity, robust disaster recovery, and data sovereignty. Stay ahead with our proactive monitoring & alerts and regular audits.



As you expand, we scale with you. Benefit from our adaptive services and a Pay-As-You-Use model. Swiftly grow your business with a click and rely on our performance metrics for guidance.

core competency

Core Competency

ACS lets clients concentrate on their main business. Trust us for resource availability, seamless support, and unmatched reliability.

lastest tech

Latest Technology

Stay updated in a dynamic digital landscape. ACS tailors services for startups and integrates cutting-edge technology for maximum efficiency and productivity.