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HGX H100

Unleash the power of H100 GPUs in Your Private Cloud


In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-performance computing, staying ahead means having access to the most advanced and powerful tools available. That’s where our private cloud, equipped with NVIDIA’s groundbreaking H100 GPUs, comes in. Let’s delve into why choosing our H100-powered services will transform the way you handle compute-intensive tasks, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs).

Exceptional Performance for Large Models

With H100 GPUs, your LLMs can harness unprecedented power, enabling management of models with tens or hundreds of billions of parameters with ease. The high memory bandwidth and capacity are crucial for swift and efficient training and inference, ensuring faster results than ever before.

Scalability at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re a startup looking to innovate or an enterprise handling massive datasets, our H100-powered cloud scales with your needs, ensuring that you have the computational resources when and where you need them.

Energy-Efficient Computing

In an era where energy efficiency is paramount, the H100 stands out with exceptional performance per watt, meaning reduced costs and alignment with sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Optimized for AI and ML

Benefit from H100’s numerous AI and ML optimisations, including mixed-precision training, enabling faster training without compromising accuracy. With NVIDIA’s robust ecosystem of tools and libraries, you’re set up for success.

Our Offerings

ACS Aura

HGX H100 | GH200



Long-term lease

Competitive pricing

Monthly payment options

ACS Blaze

Nvidia L40S



Long-term lease

Competitive pricing

Monthly payment options

ACS Catalyst




Long-term lease

Competitive pricing

Monthly payment options



HGX H100 Launch

Oct 2023

  • Entire Hall BTS option
  • Flexible and tailorable structured commercial leases
built to suit

HGX H100 Built-to-Suit

2nd Launch in May 2024

  • Tailored dimensions, configuration and resilience levels
  • Flexible and tailorable structured commercial leases

On Demand

Launch in Q3 2024

  • Billed Hourly
  • Competitive pricing

Our Benefits


Performance Optimization

With a private GPU cloud, you have dedicated GPU resources, ensuring that your LLMs can run without competing for computational power with other tasks or users.


Scalability and Flexibility

You can scale resources up or down based on your requirements, ensuring that you have enough computational power when needed.


Security and Privacy

A private GPU cloud can offer enhanced security measures, ensuring that sensitive data processed by LLMs is kept confidential and secure.


Reliability and Uptime

With a private GPU cloud, you might have access to dedicated support, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.


Enhanced Collaboration

You can create custom workflows and integrate the LLMs closely with other tools and systems in your organisation.


Intellectual Property Protection

By hosting LLMs on a private GPU cloud, you maintain control over both the data and the models, which is crucial for protecting intellectual property.

A private GPU cloud provides a tailored, secure, and high-performance environment for running Large Language Models. It ensures high quality performance, security, and control , making it a valuable option for organisations with specific needs and the resources to support such an infrastructure.

Our Capabilities

We collaborate to build customized AI systems optimized for your needs. Our end-to-end services help you transform ambitious ideas into AI-powered business impact.

Machine Learning

Leverage artificial intelligence to uncover hidden insights, automate complex tasks, and continuously optimize performance. Our machine learning platform makes it easy to build and deploy intelligent models at scale.


Unlock deeper insights from your data through high-performance inference. Our service handles model deployment, scaling, and low-latency predictions with enterprise-grade reliability.

Generative Pre-train AI

Engage customers naturally with language and content generated by pre-trained AI models. Customer’s AI service produces human-like text, images, audio and more to boost marketing and support.


Streamline model management and deployment with our centralized repository. Easily store, version, share, and deploy AI models from a single platform accessible to teams across your organization.


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